Top-Rated Fitbit Trackers for Women

fitbit tracker -lady

There are different models and designs of fitness accessories which are specifically designed for women. Women should avoid dealing with default, plain designs of Fitbit. Most of the modern fitbit trackers have a great look, and they can serve as fashionable jewelries. You can read the available reviews to learn more about the best fitbit for women. This article is going to share the best fitbit trackers for women.

Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip is a compact, pocket-sized tracker that can be carried easily in a bag. It can easily fit inside the pocket. It is designed for those people who don’t like wearing siliconeathlete-lady straps around the arms. It is helpful in providing calories burn information and counting steps, but it can’t track one’s sleep. Users highly rate it. This device comes in different colours including magenta, white, lime and charcoal.

Fitbit Flex 2

This device can be used for everyday activities, but it is more expensive as compared to the conventional fitness bands. However, it can’t be used for recording data because it doesn’t have a display. Trainers can get accurate results by syncing this tracker over bluetooth. It comes with a dedicated app that makes it effective in tracking sleep. You can use this device to get important information on the calories burnt. It is an affordable fitness band that comes in different colours like magenta, lavender, navy and black.

Fitbit Alta HR

fitbit alta HR

This is another great version of a tracker which comes with a heart-rate sensor.  Its sensor is helpful in tracking the heart rate all-day. You can use it to get crucial insights into your heart beat’s patterns. It has been proven to be one of the life-saving features. Furthermore, it is well-designed to receive notifications such as incoming calls and messages from paired smartphones. This device is slightly thick as compared to the Flex 2 due to its large number of sensors. It comes in different colours such as pink rose gold, coral, gray, blue, black and gunmetal.

Fitbit Charge 2

This device is well-engineered to offer the same metrics like the other modern versions such as Alta HR. It comes with a few improved additions, and it is slightly bigger as compared to the other versions. It has a feature that can help you in knowing the number of floors that you have climbed daily. It is also helpful in setting personalised breathing sessions as determined by the user’s heart rate. Individuals who are using this accessory can receive notifications from their smartphones. It is a high-end fitness band that is suited for athletes and those people who want to access detailed metrics for their fitness programs.