Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist

dental emergencies
A time comes when you need to see a dentist urgently. It is important to visit a dentist who can attend to you any time without prior appointment.
Dental emergencies are just like any other medical emergencies, and you need to receive care in the shortest time possible. With dental emergency, the main aim is to reduce pain and also limit the chances of infections. Here are some reasons to visit your dentist without a prior appointment:

Severe tooth pain

Tooth pain is always a reason to go for an emergencytooth pain dental checkup. Dental pain can be very severe and disturbing, and you need the problem to be addressed as soon as possible. When you visit a dentist with dental pain, the first thing that they will do is to reduce the pain using painkillers or any other method.
After the pain has reduced, the dentist will now try and find out the cause of the pain. Most of the time root nerve damage might be the cause. Treatment can start immediately after the problem has been identified.


In case of an accident that has affected your teeth; you need to see a dentist in the shortest time possible. For instance, some accidents cause the gums to be dislocated or the gums to fall out. In such an instance, you need to see the dentist immediately.
The dentist will perform some cosmetic dental procedures to make sure that the accident does not affect your smile in a big way. It will also reduce chances of getting a dental infection.

Lip or tongue injury

dental emergencyDentists are not just experts in treating out teeth. Some dentists can also treat injuries on lips and the tongue. The lips and tongue directly affect our teeth, and it is important to see a dentist.
In case of an injury, the dentist will help you with the treatment of the tongue or lips. The dentist might help you with basic treatment and pain management because you see a specialist or a general practitioner.

Loss of teeth

In case you lose your permanent teeth, fillings or crowns, it is advisable that you see a dentist urgently. Loss of teeth is likely to cause severe infections when not addressed in the shortest time possible. Seeing a dentist immediately is one of the best ways to avoid complications that are likely to occur due to neglecting your dental health.