Health Benefits of Kayaking

rowing in the waters

Bobbing around on a kayak presents an excellent way to spend your sunny afternoons. Some kayakers often use this time to fish from their vessels, which is both easy and engaging nowadays thanks to innovative gadgets like the kayak fish finder. That said, not many exercises provide us with a wide range of entertainment and activities like kayaking. Kayaking creates some variations in your workouts, which improves your overall health in many ways. Here are some of the health benefits of kayaking.

Improves strength

kayaking fitness

Kayaking has been observed to improve both cardiovascular and muscular strength. When it comes to the cardio, pushing back and forth provides an excellent aerobic workout. On the other hand, your upper body muscles also benefit from kayaking. However, this does not imply that the lower body does benefit from kayaking since it is also possible to navigate the waters using your feet as well. This means that all body muscles inside and out are strengthened.

Improved mental health

Exercises play a vital role in mental health. When working out, the body tends to release some hormones responsible for improving your moods. Like any other workout, kayaking can also help you feel better. If you are stressed, or you need to clear your mind after a busy day or week, padding a kayak can be of great help. Besides clearing the mind, the physical benefits offered by kayaks will also go a long way in improving your self-esteem.

Good for weight loss

woman rowingPeople are continually looking for workouts that will help them burn maximum calories especially when it comes to losing weight. However, padding a kayak often can help you cut down excess weight as well. It has been established that the calories burnt during a kayak over a short period (say 30 minutes) are not as much. However, with a long excursion, you can quickly burn more than 100 calories. Thus, if you need a fitter or slim physique, kayaking might be the way to go.

Kayaking should be part of your weekly fitness routine. Like most workouts, kayaking provides an aerobic workout, which is good for the body in many ways. This implies that your body will benefit from improved endurance, better heart health, enhanced regulation of blood sugar levels, better lung strength, and reduced blood sugar levels. The good thing about kayaking for health is that you also enjoy the ambiance offered by marine environments.